Wrap gifts: beautiful and sustainable ideas

In the run-up to Christmas, wrapping presents is fun and creates a Christmas spirit. The only disadvantage: packaging waste is created – both when packing and unpacking. Many gift wrapping materials are not reusable, which means that around 20 percent more packaging waste is generated in Germany over Christmas than usual.

Pack gifts sustainably

If you want to wrap gifts sustainably, you should either use reusable materials or materials that you already have at home. Avoid plastic wrap, plastic coatings and glitter as these are non-recyclable. Instead, there are many beautiful and festive alternatives that YOU can use to wrap your gifts – without any packaging waste!

Use recycled wrapping paper

If you don’t have enough time and need to buy wrapping paper, then reach for recycled wrapping paper. This consists of 100% waste paper and can be bought without hesitation. You can recognize recycled wrapping paper by the “Blue Angel” seal.

Reuse purchased wrapping paper

YOU can keep and reuse purchased wrapping paper instead of throwing it away. You just have to make sure that you are careful when unpacking and that you store the wrapping paper in such a way that it does not get damaged. For example, you can fix the paper with kitchen roll or keep it on a clothes rail.

Make your own wrapping paper

Of course, in addition to brown natural paper, there are also many alternatives to making your own wrapping paper. We have various beautiful and sustainable ideas for what you can use for wrapping instead of purchased wrapping paper:

  • Use for packing alters newsprint. You can also paint the paper, stick it on or enhance it with a nice ribbon. You can also use old book pages, sheet music, maps, magazines or city plans. You can also cut out individual letters or pictures and stick them on brown natural wrapping paper – let your creativity run free.
  • Another option for gift wrapping is tin cans. Simply give your gift in a tin or an old cookie jar. The tins can be embellished and reused after opening.
  • Also textiles are suitable for wrapping gifts. This can, for example, be fabrics that you still have at home and that you can use for packing. Small bags made from recycled fabric are another option. The recipient can continue to use them afterwards.
  • Homemade gifts like winter jam, liqueur or baking mix are delicious and come in one gift Jar always good. Another advantage is that the mason jars can be reused.
  • Also baking and wrapping paper are suitable as a gift paper substitute. Just like with newspaper and the like, you can paint or stick them on and embellish them with gift ribbon and tags.
  • Even Toilet paper and kitchen rolls can be used for packaging. Simply tie the roll on both sides with jute twine – the candy gift is ready.
  • You can also wrap a gift inside another gift to save on packaging material. For example a cap in a pocket. Use gift ribbon and tags to make it look more festive.

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