Travel sustainably: 4 tips

The Lufthansa Group recently made negative headlines in relation to sustainability. The company carried out a total of 18,000 empty flights in order not to lose any traffic rights. With 380g CO₂ per km, the plane is one of the most climate-damaging means of transport. But travel and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. There are alternatives that are not only good for the environment, but can also make travel easier for people.

Travel sustainably: 4 tips for your next vacation

1. Discover regional travel destinations

Harz, Baltic Sea, Alps, lakes or centuries-old cities – for a great holiday experience you don’t always have to go to Bali, the Bahamas or South Africa. Germany also has a lot to offer. And: most travel destinations can be reached in a climate-friendly and comfortable way by train. How about a trip to the Halligen in the North Sea, for example? Or with a break in the Mecklenburg Lake District? Those who travel regionally do the climate a favor and can also discover completely new corners of their own country. In addition, a regional holiday is usually easy on the wallet.

2. Pack light luggage

Be honest: We tend to stuff far too much in our suitcase or travel bag. But just for a short vacation you hardly need 15 shirts and as many shoes. Whoever packs the simplest things has it easier in the truest sense of the word. In addition, the light luggage is much more environmentally friendly. Because: Due to the additional weight, each sweater increases the personal CO₂ balance. Additional tip: If you roll your clothes, you pack in a particularly space-saving and knit-free manner.

3. Use digital offers

City maps, tickets, booking confirmations: 20 years ago, traveling involved a lot of paperwork. Today, the achievements of digitization save a lot of paper. For example, tickets for trains, buses, trains and planes can be bought, carried and shown on a mobile phone, booking confirmations for hotels, rental cars and the like are usually sent by e-mail. City plans and maps are also available on the smartphone at any time and can even be downloaded in advance. This way you never lose your bearings – with or without a secure internet connection.

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4. Pack a drinking bottle

A reusable drinking bottle belongs in every backpack and travel bag. The reason? With reusable bottles you save heaps of plastic waste – caused by the unique 0.5 liter plastic bottles. Sustainable drinking bottles in chic designs are available, for example, made of glass or stainless steel. But: be careful The quality of the tap water varies depending on the destination. Tap water is not suitable for drinking in every country. It is best to do some research beforehand to avoid nasty surprises afterwards.

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