Travel sustainably: 3 certified organic hotels

What is an organic hotel?

Standing in an organic hotel sustainability and environmental friendliness in the foreground. All products and services offered by an organic hotel are based on these guidelines. In order to receive official certifications, such as the ABCERT eco certification, organic hotels must meet strict criteria. For example, the hotel itself should be exclusive environmentally friendly building materials be made. The electricity in a sustainable hotel must be using Renewable energy produced and can come from wind or solar energy sources. Inside an organic hotel you should natural furniture find. die too cosmetics in the hotel should be of natural origin – free of synthetic preservatives, mineral oils or microplastics. Equally important is the kitchen or gastronomy: “Seasonal and regional” should have top priority in the kitchen of an organic hotel.

to die ecological hotel concepts all about sustainable tourism: Especially in the last few years, the demand for so-called “green tourism” has increased. Below we present three certified organic hotels in Germany.

Travel sustainably in Germany: These 3 organic hotels are certified

1. LindenGut – the organic guest house

The Bio-Guesthouse LindenGut in the Rhoen. The sustainable hotel is a member of Bioland Partner, Demeter Partner, among others, has the ABCERT eco-certification according to DE-ÖKO-006 – and is the first climate-neutral hotel in Hesse. The hotel operator writes on its website:

For us, organic is not just any certificate, but the living connection to the origin of everything and that 100%.

The organic hotel promises to be a place of relaxation, tranquility and “culinary delights”. In addition to saunas, yoga and massages, the organic guest house also offers Feng Shui – strictly in accordance with the building biology and ecological criteria of the Chinese theory of harmony.

cost factor? During the high season guests pay about 100 to 150 euros per night. Dogs and children are also welcome in the sustainable hotel near Fulda.

2. Bio Hotel Gut Nisdorf

The Bio-Hotel Gut Nisdorf is located directly on the Baltic Sea, near the district town of Stralsund. Gut Nisdorf is a real paradise, especially for families with children. The organic hotel on the Baltic Sea is also a Bioland partner and has ABCERT eco certification. The kitchen serves dishes that are made exclusively with regional, organically certified food. and: The gastronomy of the organic hotel takes food intolerances of their guests into account, for example in the case of lactose or gluten intolerance.

In addition, the owners Sabine Stange and Jürg Gloor write on their website:

We have the organic claim not only for food, but also for building materials, furniture, bed linen and ultimately everything that can be created sustainably.

cost factor? During the high season, a room in the Bio-Hotel Gut Nisdorf is available from as little as 99 euros per night.

3. LIFESTYLE Resort Zum Kurfürsten

The LIFESTYLE Resort Zum Kurfürsten on the Moselle offers pure wellness. The 4-star hotel in Rhineland-Palatinate is characterized, among other things, by a 2,500 sqm MaXX Spa World – including a panoramic roof swimming pool and gallery relaxation room. The certified organic hotel has the Viabono® award – a certificate for environmentally and climate-friendly travel. Your membership in Green Pearls® – an association of sustainably managed hotels – in addition to the lived, green philosophy. The organic hotel promises:

The idea of ​​sustainable tourism is anchored in our corporate philosophy. We have a responsibility towards our fellow human beings, the environment and future generations and have set ourselves the goal of harmonizing economic, ecological and social quality.

cost factor? An adult pays an average of 99 euros per night during the high season.

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