The most beautiful 4 sustainable packaging pages

The most beautiful 4 sustainable packaging pages

The most beautiful 4 sustainable packaging pages

Christmas gifts 2022: The 4 most beautiful sustainable packaging sides

1. Newsprint

Material that we already have at home is simply wonderful for sustainable gift packaging. How about newspaper, for example? Not only does this look chic when packaged, but many of us also have it in our homes. You can use loops or ribbons made from renewable raw materials such as jute or cotton bast. And the gift wrapping is done!

2. Textiles

Whether it’s a towel, tea towel or leftover fabric remnants – textiles are just as good as newspaper for wrapping gifts. And almost everyone has something useful for their home. In Japan, the tradition of wrapping gifts in cloths has existed for a long time. There she is referred to as “Furoshiki”.

3. Decoration from nature

A loving gift wrap does not only include wrapping paper and gift ribbon – small decorations such as figures or balls often find their way into our shopping bags. And when it comes to sustainable packaging, we don’t have to do without decoration. Instead of conventional packaging decorations, simply use decorations from nature, such as pine cones or fir branches that you collect on a walk.

4. Wrap a gift in a gift

A great way to wrap gifts sustainably is to give them in another gift. Depending on the item, items of clothing such as sweaters, scarves or cooking aprons are wonderful for wrapping other gifts in. And you save on packaging material.

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