More sustainable cleaning with Moanah: We test the cleaners

Plastic waste pollutes our oceans and poses a threat to its inhabitants. For this reason we are trying to ban more and more plastic from our everyday life. But too much plastic waste still ends up in our oceans. According to the WWF, 4.8 to 12.7 million tons per year are currently assumed. That’s the equivalent of about a truckload per minute!

The Mannheim company moana would like to counteract this and offers sustainable cleaning agent as refills in glass bottles a. There are plenty of good reasons for this: According to the company, 55 tons of microplastics are produced every year in Germany alone from detergents, cleaning agents and cleaning agents. Only 16 percent is actually recycled. The rest is incinerated or ends up in landfills and then in the sea. In addition, aggressive chemicals are used in commercially available cleaning agents. These are not only bad for the environment, but can also have health consequences, as they put a lot of strain on the lungs or can trigger allergies.

You can find out how good the sustainable cleaners from Moanah really are and how they compare to conventional cleaning agents in our large vital editorial test. Our online editor Kristina Regentrop tried out the products for you.

Sustainable cleaning – how good are Moanah’s cleaners?

Sunday is cleaning day for me. Most of the time I scrub my own four walls rather unmotivated. But today I regularly look forward to cleaning the apartment because I can test the Moanah starter set. It consists of

  • three adjustable and reusable glass bottles,
  • six refills each with two all-purpose, glass and bathroom cleaners,
  • one linen pouchin which the refills are stored,
  • three lapping and one microfiber cloth.

But before I can enthusiastically swing the cleaning rag, I have to mix my own cleaning agents. This is based on citric acid and does not require any aggressive chemicals. The ingredients are easily biodegradable, do not require any binding agents or microplastics and are therefore sustainable – a thumbs up for that. I fill all three bottles with 500 ml of warm water and add the cleaning powder, which dissolves quickly. I immediately notice that the products smell unobtrusive and pleasantly fresh. The only criticism I have: The spray heads on the bottles are made of plastic. During my research, I found out that Moanah would like to improve this in the future – I think the further optimization of the products and the open communication in this regard are great.

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