Make deodorant yourself: simple recipes

Critical ingredients such as alcohol and aluminum are often hidden in the deodorant. They work against armpit wetness and the smell of sweat, among other things. However, they can get into the body through small interventions in the skin, such as those that occur when shaving the armpits. An increased intake of aluminum is said to have a harmful effect on our organism. Even if this statement has not yet been fully proven by studies, a reduction in aluminum intake cannot hurt – and this is where it comes in homemade cosmetics and this fall homemade deodorants in the game.

Make your own deodorant: you need to know that beforehand!

at homemade deodorants YOU can determine THE INGREDIENTS yourself. You can your Deodorant spray free from perfumed and chemical ingredients and add additional ingredients, such as essential fragrances, at your own discretion. In this way you can ensure that only harmless ingredients are in your cosmetics and get on your skin.

You can find empty containers for liquid or creamy deodorants, small spray bottles or pump spray containers in pharmacies, or you can use old cans that you should clean beforehand.

How long does homemade deodorant last?

As a rule of thumb, you can remember: the higher the water content, the shorter the shelf life. Your homemade deodorant will keep for about four to eight weeks. If you add a few extra drops vitamin E add to the warm mass, even longer! Vitamin E not only delays the rancidity of oils in your deodorant, but is also particularly nourishing for the skin and, as one of the strongest antioxidants, protects against environmental influences. You can also add a few squirts lemon juice put in your deodorant. The contained citric acid has an antibacterial effect and can extend the shelf life a little.

Also high percentage of alcohol Has a preservative effect, is effective against bacteria and inhibits the growth of mold. The alcohol added to the sticker can lead to intolerances such as skin irritation and dryness and is therefore only conditionally recommended. Store your antiperspirant in a cool, dark place, the refrigerator is best.

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